Success Stories

Below are a select number of recently completed projects

Foundation for Operational Excellence and Digital Transformation

ReVisionz helps build an enterprise-wide asset information management system.

Success Story: Large Oil & Gas Operator

Capability: Asset Information Management System

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Digital Capital Project Execution

ReVisionz sets up and manages centrally hosted engineering design tools environment with multiple EPCs.

Success Story: Downstream Operator

Capability: Delivering Digital Twin

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Brownfield Asset Data & Information Improvement and Migration

ReVisionz classifies, validates, enriches, and migrates hundreds of thousands of tags and millions of documents and meta data.

Success Story: Energy Company

Capability: Delivering High Quality Asset Data & Information

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Piping Specification Digitization

ReVisionz sets up corporate-wide piping specification management solution to reduce duplication, and costs.

Success Story: Downstream Operator

Capability: Corporate Digital Piping Specification Library

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Consolidating and Migrating Engineering Documents

ReVisionz defines, implements, and populates a single source of truth -reducing costs and enabling timely access to asset information.

Success Story: Large Pipeline Company

Capability: Engineering Document Management

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New Facility Data & Document Handover Requirements Standards and Auditing Solution

ReVisionz develops and implements information handover standards and auditing solutions

Success Story: Downstream Company

Capability: Delivery of complete, compliant, and consistent information from EPCs

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