We are a management consulting company that works with owner operators to define their engineering and asset information management programs.

  • Since 2001, we have assisted owner operators in the following industries:

      • oil and gas
      • petrochemical
      • mining
      • pipeline and midstream
      • process

    We help our clients by establishing their vision, strategy and roadmap to program delivery and sustainment. We maximize the value of their engineering and asset information, improving safety, compliance, and performance.

We have a proven history of delivering exceptional value

  • Industry depth and knowledge

    Our partners have over 125 years of combined experience in defining, delivering, and maintaining engineering and asset information programs.

    Because we understand how this information is used by operations and maintenance, we are uniquely qualified to maximize the value of engineering and asset information.

  • Optimized teams and value

    Unlike big consulting firms that lack domain experience and rely on an army of inexperienced generalists, we provide a select team of industry experts with proven practices and templates.
    We also adjust our team to leverage key resources throughout the lifecycle of a program, providing the best value without sacrificing the expertise required for a successful implementation.

  • We deliver:

    • A proven methodology that leverages industry best practices and lessons learned from years of implementation experience
    • A team of discipline-based specialists that are recognized as experts within the industry
    • A member of our leadership team embedded to oversee implementation
    • A technology vendor neutral perspective
    • A commitment to information quality and systems integrity
    • A proven plant-information centric approach

  • ReVisionz is our people

    • We are industry experts who focus on our client`s business needs and values.
    • We value professionalism and respect for our team and clients.
    • We maximize the value of our client’s engineering and asset information.

    Our focus on integrity, respect, and collaboration has enabled us to attract
    some of the best and brightest in the business and develop many long term
    relationships with our clients and consultants.

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