We help keep your physical assets and information assets aligned.

Many of today’s operating facilities are large, complex, and require significant capital expenditure.
The information used to describe those facilities has a value and must be treated as an asset.

Our team understands how content is used to support operations and maintenance as well as the project lifecycle and handover.

We define engineering and asset information management programs to manage every phase of projects and plant sustainment.

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The Challenge

Many safety, regulatory compliance, and performance issues are caused by poor management of engineering and asset information. Users can’t find information, can’t trust it’s up-to-date, or don’t know if it’s complete.

Based on experience gained from multiple capital projects, the major obstacle to smooth operation is first experienced during Commissioning & Startup, but the problem has its roots in engineering information handover.

Design & Construction

  • Large volumes of content are created
  • Documents and data come in a variety of formats
  • Owner’s standards are not closely or consistently followed
  • Concurrent engineering increases complexity

Information Handover

  • Content is document rich and information poor
  • Handover is not done progressively or in a timely manner
  • There is no formal auditing and measurement by asset
  • There is no Handover scorecard
  • Data and documents are incomplete

Commissioning & Startup

  • Incomplete or out-of-date information delays Startup
  • Significant effort is required to populate the CMMS with master data
  • The CMMS is not ready to support PSSR and Startup operations
  • Operations & Maintenance have incomplete documents and data

Operations & Maintenance

  • Mergers and acquisitions introduce a variety of systems to manage
  • There is a lack of confidence in engineering content and document management systems
  • Regulatory compliance issues
  • Inefficiencies in finding information increase time, cost, and risk

The Solution

Develop a well-defined information management program that enables operations and maintenance to sustain the plant through its lifecycle.

Maximize the use of engineering and asset information by defining and implementing value added standards, processes, procedures, and technology solutions.

Ensure the integrity of information can be achieved and the full potential of the operating plant and its assets can be realized.

  • The Result

    Information is complete, compliant, and consistent. Combined with an asset-centric approach, this supports:

    • plant safety
    • regulatory and environmental compliance
    • plant performance and reliability

    This improves operational excellence and ultimately increases profitability.

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We provide:

A fit-for-purpose program that defines a step change in our client’s ability to manage engineering and asset information. As part of that program, we can provide any of the following services:

Engineering Information Mgmt

Front-end Consulting

  • Gap assessment
  • Vision, strategy, and roadmap development
  • Engineering information handover standards development
  • Business requirements development
  • RFP, software evaluation, and selection
  • Application and architecture roadmap development


  • Content extraction, consolidation, enrichment and loading
  • Business process design
  • Tag and document registry development
  • Program management


  • Audits and quality control programs

Engineering Design Systems Application Support

Front-end Consulting

  • Vision, strategy, and roadmap development
  • Architecture and infrastructure requirements definition


  • Configuration and set-up
  • Engineering catalog creation and management
  • Design systems development
  • Application standards and procedure development
  • Data conversion and translation
  • Information quality assessment
  • Program Management


  • Administration, end user support, and training
  • Centralized hosting
  • Engineering content As-building

Asset Information Mgmt

Front-end Consulting

  • Review of standards, data, governance and work processes
  • Asset master data assessment and profiling for FLOC, equipment, BOM, material master


  • Asset master data standards and governance process development
  • Asset management and supply chain business processes development
  • Business requirements development
  • RFP, software evaluation, and selection
  • Application and architecture roadmap development
  • Asset master data gathering and preparation


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