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Improve the way your organization handles asset and process safety information -the core foundation of any asset management and process safety management system. Decisions, strategies, plans and delivery are only as good as the information they rely on.

High-Quality Asset & Safety Info

Your journey to accessible and trustworthy asset & process safety information

Improve the way your organization handles asset and process safety information -the core foundation of any asset management and process safety management system. Decisions, strategies, plans and delivery are only as good as the information they rely on.

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Get significant payback by fixing your brownfield data issues

Use A Metric Based Approach

We look at high quality asset and process safety information as a way for companies to build sustainable competitive advantage by reducing shutdowns and slowdowns, improving safety, identifying defects, and hence increasing shareholder value. No longer should your staff be frustrated dealing with poor information. We use a metrics-based approach to identify and measure quality of your information against your standards and requirements. With quality gaps and issues identified, we help you prioritize improvement opportunities based on value, and leveraging our automation tools, templates and processes, we help you fix them.

ReVisionz Data & Information Lifecycle Services

Helping you transform the quality of your information

Asset and process safety information forms the core technical component of any asset management and process safety management system. Decisions, strategies, plans and delivery are only as good as the information upon which they rely. We offer a variety of data and information lifecycle services that allow you to build a sustainable competitive advantage.

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Quality Audits & Assurance

Create a metrics-based approach to identify and measure quality against standards and requirements. We have developed structured methods to measure major types of asset and process safety information, such as tags, controlled engineering records, work packages, and CMMS/Inspection/Reliability functions. This allows us to objectively benchmark and report the state of completeness-consistency-compliance of your information.

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Develop a tag registry that improves safety and reliability for all your physical assets. We use our proprietary Machine Learning Automation tool to extract tags, tag details, and key related information—such as title and revision number/type-project from unstructured sources like CAD, Office, PDF and picture files.

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Experience a painless approach to data and document migration. Use our extensive experience to get the job done cost-effectively. We have migrated millions of tags, hundreds of millions of documents, and billions of metadata across wide ranges of clients, industries, and sizes.

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Discover data consistency issues that cross functional and system boundaries, including data in multiple software applications (engineering design tools, CMMS, inspection, tag and document management), repositories, and formats (spreadsheets, native files, and PDFs). Through developed business rules, we present the results in dashboards, to identify discrepancies of key information significant to your business operations.

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Implement workflows to engage your staff for their review and resolution of identified discrepancies. Approved business rules are used to prioritize issues and automate the mitigation process. Dashboards are used to ease review of changes prior to final loading and tracking of all changes to ensure no history is lost.

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How are you measuring quality improvement initiatives? We can establish a baseline so you can see if improvements are sustained over time, and if these efforts are worth the investment. Our set of performance indicator metrics measure the health of your asset and process safety information, highlighting lagging and leading key performance indicators decomposed from high level strategic and shareholder value drivers.

Why ReVisionz for your Brownfield Data Needs?

Expertise. Experience. Automation. Innovation.

With over 2 billion records processed to date across numerous sites, we are uniquely qualified to help you address your brownfield data and information. We have invested in machine learning automation tools and have developed processes and templates to help accelerate value delivery to our clients and reduce project costs. Our expertise in data and information management and applications combined with our domain experience in process industry enables us to meet your needs dealing with this challenge.

Easy Access To High-Quality Info

Improve every aspect of the asset & process safety data your company relies on

ReVisionz has developed a comprehensive set of digital data and information capabilities to help our clients build a validated inventory of what you own, identify gaps and issues, and improve the quality of your information.

A combination of open-source and proprietary approaches enable our clients to achieve a validated asset registry that they can use to establish a source of truth they can distribute to all asset systems.

The outcome is ease of access to timely and correct information for all roles in their day-to-day work, and the means to identify issues at early stages when they can best be addressed.

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