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Large Oil & Gas Operator


A large integrated energy company experienced a few safety and asset failure incidents, where poor asset information—or the inability to find it—was a contributing factor.

The company wanted to improve risk management, decrease unplanned shutdowns/slowdowns, increase productivity, reduce supply chain costs, and reduce the time needed to commission assets and hand them over to operations.

They realized that achieving this required better management of their asset information. They looked to asset information management as the necessary foundation for operational excellence and a platform for their digital transformation goals.


• The company lacked ownership and governance for its asset information.

• Staff in the field were unable to find and trust the asset information they needed.

• Relied on inefficient technology solutions to access and manage their asset information.

• Standards and practices were difficult to enforce and were inconsistent across various sites and business units.


The client enlisted ReVisionz to design an asset information management system from an enterprise perspective.

The methodology focused on four pillars:

• Standards and processes

• Data and information lifecycle

• People and culture

• Technology

New technology was introduced to build a centralized tag and document registry portal for accessing current information.

All data and information was sorted, classified, enriched with metadata, and migrated into the host environment.

Standards and processes were developed or enhanced to enable better management of asset information. No customization was allowed unless that deviation and business use case were approved. A governance structure was put in to ensure representation from all business units.


The company experienced a significant improvement in the accessibility and quality of its asset information.

Staff can now find vital information when they need it, which allows them to focus on value-added work like reliability and process risk analysis.

Newly implemented technology facilitates enforcement of standards and practices across functional groups and sites, improving overall accessibility and visibility of this essential information.

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Digital Capital Project Execution

ReVisionz sets up and manages centrally hosted engineering design tools environment with multiple EPCs.

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