Success Story

Brownfield Asset Data & Information
Improvement Program

Energy Company


An energy firm that experienced rapid growth through acquisitions with facilities across North America needed to overcome major asset and process safety information challenges. The company knew it needed a solution’s partner that could help them process large volumes of data.


The company wanted to replace its legacy systems, roll out new standards and processes, and improve the quality of asset and process safety information of all its brownfield sites before migrating into new target systems.


The firm turned to ReVisionz for its technical expertise in assessing and processing large volumes of data and documents, and deep familiarity with engineering, document control, process safety, asset management, and information management disciplines.

ReVisionz provided the following solutions:

• Application of ReVisionz formal ruled-based assessment methodology to tag and document records to confirm correctness, consistency, and compliance with good    industry practice and the client’s own formal standards and rules

 • Extraction, classification, sorting of tags and documents, and assignment of metadata

• Migration of tags and documents into target systems for end use

• Use of ReVisionz proprietary extract-transform-load solution to facilitate complex asset information enrichment and migration

• Comprehensive focus on inter-system information consistency between different applications, such as master tag and document registries, CMMS, and engineering design tools

• Centralized tag and document master registry

• PowerBI dashboards for detailed representation of enrichment and migration rules, updates, and approval by each site


• Over one billion engineering data, documents, and metadata were processed. Some of the benefits achieved included:

• 30% more tags identified to improve completeness of asset tag registry

• 90% improvement in tag/document cross referencing

• Significant improvement in search times required to find information

• 80% improvement in mandatory metadata completeness for tags, controlled engineering records, concurrent engineering, and as-built revisions

• Improvements in MOC compliance

• 100% success achieved migrating enriched data and documents to their target systems with virtually no post implementation rework

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