Modernize Core Technology

What is your goal?

Legacy Replacement

Legacy systems are not meeting your needs and are costing you too much. Let ReVisionz help modernize your systems. The modernization process doesn't have to be difficult.

Application Rationalization

You have many un-integrated islands of applications and repositories and want to rationalize what you have to best meet your needs.

Enabling Foundation

You want to take advantage of newer technologies such as advanced analytics, predictive maintenance, artificial intelligence and machine learning but you know you are missing high quality data to feed these systems.

We Can Help

Maximize Return On Your Technology Investments

We believe investments in technology must be driven by the business capabilities you want to enable. We have applied our domain expertise to develop capability maturity models that will help you decide your target capabilities and the appropriate technology level and investment to help with modernization.

We act as a bridge between business leadership and IT, facilitating key technology decisions.

From high level solution design to detailed information architecture, we build fit-for-purpose solutions that leverage your existing technology investments. Our proven use cases, and templates accelerate technology selection and implementation and reduce project risk.

Services We Offer

  • Capability and technology roadmaps
  • Technology requirements and high-level solution architecture
  • Detailed solution design
  • Implementation services
  • OCM services and user training
  • 2D (CAD and intelligent) and 3D technologies
  • Sustainment services
    Capability and technology roadmaps

Value to Clients

  • Reduced project risk
  • Faster time to value
  • Fit for purpose solutions

Why ReVisionz?

  • Practical and strategic recommendations, not just project managers
  • Technology agnostic
  • Proven templates and methodologies
  • Sector focus and domain expertise

Other Potential Company Goals

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