We provide complete solutions that are customized to fit our client’s specific business needs:

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    • We analyze all relevant business drivers, processes, and engineering content to understand our client’s level of maturity in managing their engineering and asset information.
    • We create client specific solutions to maximize the client’s engineering and asset information.
    • We setup and deliver all key elements to establish a strategy for long term success.

  • 125+ years of combined experience

    Based on our partners 125 years of combined industry experience, we have developed a proprietary methodology that combines content, people, process, and technology to define, deliver, and maintain engineering and asset information management programs for our clients.

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Four key elements

These four key elements create the foundation for the program and determine the size of step change inside the organization:


An effective engineering and asset information management program has to address the full lifecycle of the plant.
Our understanding of the content requirements for operations and maintenance helps us define programs that provide:

  • Complete, compliant, and consistent information for operations and maintenance
  • Simple, intuitive technology solutions for the end-user
  • Effective handover of the necessary information from projects to operations and maintenance


Successful implementation depends on engaging the right resources.
We develop each program to suit our client’s level of maturity in managing engineering and asset information.
Our select team, including members of our leadership team, work with all levels of our client’s organization to achieve:

  • An improved organizational maturity
  • A culture that is open and able to effect change
  • Support from management for best practices in engineering and asset information management


Engineering and asset information management programs must provide effective revision and version management.
We have the experience to align industry best practises with our client’s needs to develop:

  • Lifecycle workflows that support design, construction, commissioning and start-up, and operations and maintenance
  • A support model, for example decentralized or hosted, to sustain the improvements


Technology is the enabler of any program. Our technology and vendor agnostic approach and deep industry knowledge provide:

  • An asset centric approach to data, tag, and document management
  • Better integration of engineering and business systems

Once the plan is defined, we apply our execution methodology based on the specific needs of our client and the maturity of their engineering specifications and standards.

This methodology enables us to deliver complete, compliant, and consistent information for plant operations in a timely and simple manner and makes us unique in the industry.

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