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Optimizing Performance Leveraging Engineering Design Tools

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Ensure the success of your digital or technology modernization initiatives by unlocking data from documents by embracing Intelligent Engineering Design Tools (iEDTs). These tools are used by engineering companies to design your facilities. You own them.

Start leveraging iEDTs to populate CMMS (e.g. Maximo, SAP PM), enable remote operations through 3D model visualization & augmented reality and provide a “single version of truth” of the as-built facility. At the same time, reuse information for OPEX & CAPEX projects, avoiding the costs of recreating the information, and enable analytics through integration of iEDT’s to O&M systems.

We can help you achieve your business goals by leveraging iEDT’s.

Services We Offer

  • iEDT – 2D and 3D technology roadmap, setup, configuration, and support
  • EDT upgrades and conversions
  • Data quality auditing
  • As-building of iEDTs
  • EDT training
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Value to Clients

  • Single Source of Truth of the As-built facility
  • Improve maintenance planning leveraging 3D models
  • Enablement of remote operations and the connected worker
  • Reduce manual effort to populate O&M systems
  • Enable data analytics through integration of iEDT data with O&M systems
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Why ReVisionz?

  • Proven hands-on experience implementing iEDTs for Owner Operators
  • Technical expertise across multiple technology vendors and platforms
  • Cost effective As-building services leveraging high value global execution centers
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