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Using industry-based metrics, we help you answer these questions and benchmark yourself against leading industry practices recommended by ISO 55000, Institute of Asset Information, Center for Chemical Process Safety, and others.
We know establishing baselines help companies evaluate and prioritize improvement opportunities, resulting in valuable insights, discussion, new ideas, and practices.
Identify and overcome biases and assumptions that build up over time and enable a mindset and culture of continuous improvement.
We have turned our expertise and experience in asset and process safety information into templates, frameworks, and metrics to help you baseline your current practices and information quality to measure tangible improvements over time.

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  • Baselining and benchmarking of your asset and process safety information and management practices
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  • Enable culture of continuous improvement
  • Know areas of concern
  • Leverage insights offered to prioritize improvement opportunities
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  • Sector focus and expertise
  • Proven templates and methodologies
  • Experience and involvement with leading industry standards and associations and practices
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Establish measurable metrics to improve your asset and process safety information.

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