Process Safety Information Management


ReVisionz helps companies implement robust process safety information (PSI) systems that enable informed decision making, reduce risk, and keep process industry companies compliant with current regulations for process safety management. Not sure how your company's current PSI system measures up? Contact us today for a discovery call.

PSI SYstems That Reduce Risk

Process safety information is more than a government mandate

ReVisionz helps companies implement robust process safety information (PSI) systems that enable informed decision making, reduce risk, and keep process industry companies compliant with current regulations for process safety management.

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Reduce Vulnerability

Are PSI gaps, inconsistencies & inaccuracies making you vulnerable?

Process safety information is more than a government mandate. It’s the foundation on which all risk-based and engineering decisions are made. It’s also the most cited area for OSHA and other regulatory agencies.

Despite current standards, regulations, and enforcement by government agencies, accidents in the process industry continue to increase. The PSM protection layers companies rely on are leaving them vulnerable and exposed to risk.

Today’s companies struggle to ensure the accuracy and consistency of information across different groups and systems due to ineffective integration and no defined source of truth for these systems. PSI issues often go unnoticed without a suitable process to measure, connect, and validate this data.

Industry Leaders In PSI Systems

We have 20+ years delivering strategic & measurable value
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Reduce Cost & Risk

Close the information gaps in your protective PSM layers.

Reduce operational risk and costs with access to high-quality process safety information that key stakeholders can use to make informed decisions at all levels of the organization.

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Avoid Fines & Penalties

Avoid regulatory non-compliance fines and penalties.

Meet your regulatory requirements with confidence by applying effective and proven PSI management practices and technologies.

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Create Reliability

Implement reliable control and assurance systems.

Drive same controls and assurance with asset information as you do with valued financial information using standardized processes and master data that leverages technology.

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Improve PSI Across Systems

Develop a roadmap for your digital transformation.

Leverage digital technologies to improve your management of PSI across different applications, repositories, and formats.

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Creating measureable metrics

Apply leading metrics to your PSI program.

Gain complete visibility over all aspects of your process safety information. Measure the quality of your PSI and use the results to drive improvement opportunities.

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reduce risk of safety incidents

Mitigate risk of asset failure and process safety incidents.

Stay confident and protect your company’s reputation by ensuring your protection layers have no gaps caused by poor asset and process safety information.

Revisionz PSI Services

Our Process Safety Information Management Services
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PSI Audits

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Master Data Audits

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Tag & Document Registry Development

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Data & Information Migration

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Data Consistency Checks

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Data Discrepancy Mitigation

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As-building Services For 2D (CAD, Intelligent) & 3D

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Technology Reviews & Roadmaps

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Technology Requirements, Installation & Configuration

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Material Management & Reference Data Catalogs

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Stakeholder Analysis & Alignment

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Stakeholder Communication

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Knowledge Transfer

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Business Readiness and Measurement

PSI Dashboard

A Metrics Driven Approach

ReVisionz has developed frameworks, tools and templates to help clients manage their PSI with a metrics driven approach. Our premise is that if companies could visualize the state of their PSI on a dashboard in traffic light colors of green, yellow and red, they would want to do something about the red and yellow.

Our combination of sector-focus, domain expertise, information management know-how, and proven templates and tools makes us unique.

We are asset and process safety information specialists bringing together and fusing the domains of capital projects, operations, maintenance, process safety, and information technology.

Meeting compliance obligations

How are you maintaining PSI management best practices?

Leverage our proven track record, in-depth industry knowledge, and involvement with international industry standards and institutions to improve your management of process safety information and ensure you meet your regulatory compliance obligations.

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