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Asset Information Management

Unlock the full potential of your asset information and data

ReVisionz helps companies in the process industry stay competitive, cut costs, improve shareholder value, and meet regulatory compliance by creating a digital foundation that streamlines every aspect of asset and process safety information.


What is the value of good asset information?

Asset information directly impacts efficiency and performance when it comes to daily safety, finance, operations, maintenance, and engineering decisions. Each of these decisions is dependent on the quality and availability of high-quality asset information.

According to the Insitute of Asset Management, many process companies have invested heavily in asset information systems and data gathering to help manage their assets and improve overall efficiency and performance. Despite very significant expenditure, many businesses complain that benefits have been slow to be delivered, are difficult to quantify and their asset managers still say they do not have access to the information they need.

The key challenge for companies is managing asset and information across different formats, applications, and repositories to ensure availability, completeness, accuracy, compliance, and consistency over the life of an asset.

Poor asset information contributes to asset failure, value leakage, and risk of incidents. ReVisionz understands the unique challenges management faces, the frustrations your technical staff encounter, and the value a robust asset information system offers.

“ReVisionz is a trusted advisor and partner in my asset information management journey. Their people have the experience and practical know-how to help us achieve our content management needs efficiently. They also provide cutting-edge industry relevant advice and guidance to ensure our needs are being met effectively for the long term. You can never get them involved too soon.”

– Director of Enterprise Reliability Program, Integrated Energy Company

“The solution has increased the productivity of our maintenance planners. They can assemble more work packages in less time.”

- Manager of Maintenance Planning, Integrated Energy Company

We have 20+ years delivering strategic and measurable value

Mitigate risk of asset failure and process safety incidents

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Mitigate risk of asset failure and process safety incidents

Stay confident and protect your company’s reputation by ensuring your protection layers have no gaps caused by poor asset and process safety information.

Avoid value leakage and cost inefficiencies

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Avoid value leakage and cost inefficiencies

High-quality data lets you make informed decisions and reduce cost and risk when it comes to capital and sustained expenditures, maintenance, equipment replacements, and process risk.

Improve your ability to make remote operations a reality

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Improve your ability to make remote operations a reality

Create a flexible remote workforce by making your high-quality asset data and information systems available to those who need it, when they need it, wherever they need it.

Enable and accelerate your digital transformation

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Enable and accelerate your digital transformation

Unlock the full potential of your asset and process safety data through advanced analytics, including predictive maintenance, energy management, diagnostics, and process optimization.

Implement reliable control and assurance systems

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Implement reliable control and assurance systems

Drive the same controls and assurance with asset information as you do with valued financial information using standardized processes and master data that leverages technology.

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Our Asset Information Management Services

  • Strategy & Roadmaps
  • Benchmarking & Baselining
  • Digital Twin & Application Modernization
  • Capabilities & Requirements
  • Information Governance
  • Quality Audits & Assurance
  • Baselining & Monitoring
  • Tag & Document Registry Development
  • Data Consistency Checks
  • Data & Information Discrepancy Mitigation
  • Data & Document Migration
  • Technology Strategy & Design
  • Solution Design & Architecture
  • Technology Configuration & Implementation
  • As-Building Services
  • Application Sustainment
  • Laser scan Enrichment
  • Stakeholder Analysis & Alignment
  • Stakeholder Communication
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Business Readiness and Measurement

Proven domain expertise in asset information management

Unlike bigger consulting firms, we are a company of deep domain expertise. Our combination of sector-focus, domain expertise, and proven templates and tools makes us unique. As asset and process safety information specialists, we bring together and fuse the domains of engineering, operations, maintenance, process safety and information technology to help you reduce value leakage.

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Why Us?

Create unity between your strategies, processes, and tools

Accelerate value creation and delivery with access to our deep domain expertise in the process industry. Our 10-step framework unites all aspects of your strategy, processes, and tools to create consistency and reliability in your asset and process safety information.

Get a health check assessment

Do you want to objectively know what is working and what is not working with your asset information management system? ReVisionz has developed tools, templates, and frameworks to help you answer these important questions. Our 10-step framework based on 1SO 55001 standard looks at your key processes, data and information, governance, management of change, technology, standards and requirements. We identify areas of concern and help you prioritize with an actionable plan.

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