Connected Worker & Pandemic

What is your goal?

Drive Efficiency

What if your maintenance planner could get measurements directly from a 3D model or laser scan from home?

Actionable Data in Real-Time

What if your teams could complete a static risk analysis, access information regarding equipment, tools, scaffolding, spare parts, and availability of space, all from the safety of their home?

Data Connectivity on the Go

What if a technician could use a tablet to access 3D models, tags, key design information, schedule maintenance, and create a work order on the go?

We Can Help

Make it easy to access the Right information from Anywhere

Remote work has long been on the rise before the current pandemic. The idea of the “Connected Worker” and enabling technical staff to access asset and process safety information regardless of their location or platform is now the requirement.

Having a single source of truth for staff to trust and access—anytime and anywhere—is not a pipe dream—it’s today’s reality!

Services We Offer

  • Technology consulting specifically for asset and process safety information
  • Technology requirements, selection, and implementation
  • 2D, 3D, and visualization
  • Integration and architecture
  • Data and information migration

Value to Clients

  • Business continuity assurance
  • Reduced operations risk by having quality and trusted information available when it’s needed
  • Reduce the risk of asset failure due to unavailability of information
  • Improved productivity and decision making

Why ReVisionz?

  • Practical and strategic recommendations, not technical jargon
  • Sector focus and domain expertise
  • Proven templates and methodologies
  • Technology agnostic

Other Potential Company Goals

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