Building a Rich Digital Twin of Your Existing Assets

Are you ready to digitally transform your operations? Need an easy way to enable remote collaboration with your asset team?

ReVisionz and VEERUM have prepared a joint solution to unlock the value of asset and process information for brownfield facilities. More than ever, asset owners need a way to quickly deliver a digital twin of their existing operating facilities. Bringing together critical asset data and information into a reality capture 3D model providing a single source of truth enabling remote operations and improved decision making.

ReVisionz specializes in asset and process safety information helping clients achieve operational excellence with physical asset digitization that ensures critical data is accessible, current and consistent. Whether you are looking for insight into your strategy, a roadmap to execute, improving the quality of your brownfield data and information, or looking to implement digital technologies, ReVisionz can help!

VEERUM provides the primary visualization and analytics application to combine all CAD, geospatial, document management, IoT and operational systems. This data is available to unlimited asset stakeholders in an easy to use 3D viewer. Clients can elevate all their siloed and valuable data into an easy-to-use cloud-based application.

Working together, ReVisionz and VEERUM can digitally transform your existing asset data and organizations practices improving operational safety with remote site access and easy access to trusted information.

Achieve operational excellence and meet regulatory compliance by building a rich digital twin of your brownfield facilities.

You will learn how to:

  • Access your existing data with new context and new insights
  • Breakdown information silo’s making it easier for people to find information
  • Add intelligence to laser scans and visualize your data and information in context
  • Reduce value leakage and optimize safety measures during the pandemic
Recorded On:Wednesday, March 10th, 2021
Presenters:Kelly Kinghorn, ReVisionz - Partner & Technology Services Lead
Alex Fleurant, VEERUM - Account Executive