Assurance & Regulatory Compliance

What is your goal?


You know you can trust your company’s financial and accounting information. But can you trust your asset and process safety information—despite the investments you have made in systems and applications?

Reducing Latent Risk

Your technical staff complain they can’t find the information, they can’t trust it, processes are manual, and it takes too long to verify, and correlate it before using it to make safety, financial and operations decisions.


You also have a hard time meeting your PSM regulatory requirements. You even worry about serious incidents happening on your watch. Let ReVisionz help you with your compliance.

We Can Help

Trust In Our Industry Experience

Our 20 years of experience has taught us that successful management of asset and process safety information requires a holistic management system that includes standards, processes, metrics, audits, quality monitoring, and governance, in addition to enabling technology. Our digital solutions will help with assurance andcompliance.

Services We Offer

  • Assessments and audits
  • Strategy and plan development
  • Data consistency checks and mitigation
  • Standards and requirements development
  • As-building services
  • Technology roadmap development and implementation

Value to Clients

  • Avoid regulatory non-compliance
  • Reduce blind risk
  • Strengthen your protection layers
  • Identify and address poor asset and process information based on business priorities

Why ReVisionz?

  • Application of AI/ML and other automation tools to help you reduce costs
  • Proven frameworks and templates to accelerate value delivery
  • Years of industry experience and successful implentation

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