About ReVisionz

Our mission is to help companies in process industries unlock the power of their asset and process safety information to avoid costs, improve shareholder value, and meet regulatory compliance.

What makes ReVisionz unique?

We are asset and process safety information specialists helping clients achieve operational excellence by applying digitalization and transforming their current data and information into accessible, up-to-date and consistent information through the life of the physical asset. Our combination of sector-focus, domain expertise, holistic approach, and proven templates and tools make us unique.

Our Values

Value Driven

We are industry experts focused on providing unmatched value to our clients.

Respect & Dignity

We foster a culture of warmth and belonging where everyone is treated with respect and dignity.

Transparency & Accountability

We believe in transparency and hold each other accountable when pursuing positive outcomes, while being present and connecting with our customers and team.

Commitment to Innovation

We strive for excellence in everything we do through innovation and continuous improvement.

Who do we serve?

We proudly work with leading oil and gas, chemical, mining, and power and utility companies. The teams we serve include:

The ReVisionz Approach

We offer our clients deep domain expertise—bringing together and fusing the domains of capital projects, operations and maintenance, process safety, and information technology to help you manage your asset and process safety information.
Our experience has taught us that digital technology is only an enabler. Favorable business outcomes require the right standards, business processes, governance, baselining, auditing, information transformation, as-building, and training.

Our capabilities cover all aspects of asset and process safety information management. We take a full plant lifecycle approach to managing asset and process safety information, including:
• How data and documents are generated at the engineering phase
• How they are handed over to the operating company
• How they are accessed and managed during the operating life of the asset

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Meet the Team

Garry Gandza

Managing Partner & President

My passion and focus is helping leaders to visualize the art of the possible. My experience and past client successes allow me to illustrate the power of asset and process safety information in enabling the scalable transformation of a company’s operational, digital and safety initiatives. As Managing Partner at ReVisionz, I drive our strategic direction, oversee client engagements and run the day to day business operations of ReVisionz.

Kelly Kinghorn

Partner & Director

As a subject matter expert and thought leadership advocate within the industry, I help clients apply digital technology to solve their asset and process safety information challenges to reduce inefficiencies and improve process safety. My mission as the leader of our Technology Services is to provide industry insights, expertise, and fit-for-purpose solutions to drive incremental value and long-term success for the client.

Linus Hakimattar


I use my expertise in asset and process safety management to act as a bridge between what our clients aspire to and where they are today by providing them insights, best practices, and actionable business capability and technology roadmaps. My mission is to help companies avoid value leakage by making better data-informed decisions regarding process safety and their physical assets.

Ian Nelson


Having migrated, loaded and managed millions of asset tags, documents, and the associated metadata across a wide ranges of clients, industries, and sizes, I specialize in working with stakeholders and end users to define, optimize, implement and transform their asset and process safety information digitalization initiatives. As leader of the Engineering Data and Document Practice, my mission is to help our clients implement purpose-built solutions that enable safe, compliant and high performing plants.

Arnout de Beurs


20+ years of management experience in the oil and gas and information systems sectors. Responsible for defining and executing strategic digital roadmaps for clients and supporting capital project requirements.

Keith Rogers


As an asset information master I work with operation and information leaders to transform information to becoming a major enabler in today’s high demands for safe and sustainable operational excellence. Leading ReVisionz’ content practice my mission is to analyze and transform information so that it becomes an ongoing major enabler of plant operations performance.

Stephen Furze

General Manager

Leveraging my experience in the digital plant industry, I assist clients with their digitalization goals, through the definition and implementation of a single project or a corporate program that improves operational efficiencies and the safety of capital projects and operating facilities. My mission is to identify the business benefits of digital transformation for each company and the key elements of a phased implementation that will deliver the specific benefits and realization of their overall goals.

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